Suhrkamp is a German publisher founded in 1950, and is acknowledged as a leading European publisher for fine literature. We helped Suhrkamp define its online identity and designed a new website that offers customers easy access to its extensive catalogue of over 30,000 titles.

To reflect Suhrkamp’s ambition to publish writers rather than books, the navigation structure was designed to allow for different routes to discover the content. Customers can find books via the writer profile pages, book editions or simply by browsing the entire catalogue with a powerful and flexible filtering tool. Besides searching for titles, customers also have access to news, media libraries and invitations to upcoming literature events.

We expanded Suhrkamp’s visual appearance to fit the digital space while maintaining the timeless quality of its identity. Elements of the site are kept minimal to focus attention on the content. A strong blue colour and sans serif typeface create a fresh and accessible look.


  • Web Design
  • Suhrkamp Verlag
  • 2008