Mind the Gap is a design consultancy and product development company. We are set up to help you create exciting new products for your customers and enable you to design your own solutions, while proactively pursuing challenges we are passionate about.

Design Consulting‚Ä®
Our focus lies with new opportunities and product innovation, and we have over 10 years of practical experience with helping fortune 500 companies create compelling and easy-to-use products and services. We excel at discovering business opportunities, creating new product and service concepts, and working with dynamic design and development teams to implement innovative technology solutions. We would love to help you realise your ambitions.

Professional Trainings
We are skilled in product innovation techniques and collaborative design processes, and are experienced in conducting professional trainings. We look forward to enabling you how to use our design methods such as design thinking, user research and user experience design.

MTG Ventures
We are designers and entrepreneurs. Our mission is to create products that encourage openness and enable you to realise your ambitions within everyday life. If we discover opportunities we think are important, we will pursue these and develop them together with our partners.

  • Design Strategy
  • Concept Design
  • Product Innovation
  • Design
  • New Technology
  • Internet of Things