If you’ve ever taken the tube in London, you’ll be familiar with ‘Mind the Gap’ as a regular reminder to help you step over the narrow space between the train and the platform. Gaps, as such, are spaces between things, people or knowledge; with this they represent something missing or challenging, but also present exciting opportunities for new ideas and innovation.

‘Mind the Gap’ is a design and innovation company. Our aim is to discover new opportunities, and turn these into smart and compelling new solutions. We are thinkers, designers and makers, and we are people who create for people. We believe in learning through experiences and experiments. Through our designs we aim to inspire you in playful ways, by offering new experiences which foster curiosity and encourage learning and growth.

Our focus does not lie with a specific format, such as print, web or software, but rather, is open to finding innovative solutions within any means. As such we discovered, for example, new ways to order taxies with the help of the latest technologies; transformed the humble hamburger into a meaningful tool for intercultural exchange; and investigated how the in-car interface should adapt to deliver on the opportunities of connected cars.

Mind the Gap is based in Amsterdam, and was founded by Nina Vöge in 2015.


Nina Vöge
Founder, User Experience Designer
Nina is a creative thinker and experienced designer with a strong conceptual focus. Her ambition is to create designs that are to the point, clever and, simply, engaging to use.
Nina founded Mind the Gap in 2015. Prior to this she worked as a freelance creative director and as a senior user experience designer at frog design and TomTom. She has over 10 years of experience designing for fortune 500 companies from diverse industries. For clients including Vodafone, Nokia, Bosch and Volkswagen, she created user experiences for different technology platforms like mobile, desktop, web and the Internet of things.

Mind the Gap collaborates with:
Code Krafters sets out to build rich, high-fidelity mobile UXs that couple with well-designed, optimised backend services.

Space & Matter is an Amsterdam-based office for architecture, urban planning and concept development.

UNOBENTO will make you UKI-UKI!* by serving bento, offering workshops, catering and cozy event planning.

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