Globalisation has diversified cultures in many places around the world. For example: Amsterdam has 180 nationalities. While this development raises questions about local identity, it too offers new opportunities for citizens to discover foreign cultures within a familiar environment.

Colorburgers is a food design project that aims to connect people with foreign cultures in tasty and fun ways. The most basic way to experience a culture is by smelling, tasting, chewing and swallowing it. We use the familiar design of the hamburger as an accessible entry point to unfamiliar flavours and cultures.

Every burger is dedicated to a specific country and is designed by a local chef. We present each new hamburger at one of our Colorburgers launch events, where our guests can taste a new burger, experience foreign flavours, and meet locals without having to set foot outside their hometown. At our first event we presented the Angola Burger, by Daniela Castelbranco. The vegetarian Angola Burger consisted of a polenta bun which held a Kizaka burger, made from peanuts and cassava roots and leaves, topped with sliced bananas, taro leaves and an okra sauté.

Colorburgers is a Mind the Gap initiative. We developed the overall service idea, product and event concept, and designed the product identity and communication strategy.

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For Colorburgers we collaborate with:
UNOBENTO will make you UKI-UKI!* by serving bento, offering workshops, catering and cozy event planning.

Rivet Concepts develops concepts that focus on involving people and creating connections between places, creativity and the urban form.

Daniela Castelbranco our Colorburger chef from Angola.

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