Workshop at Jordan Tourism Board
Nina Vöge was invited to give a lecture about what Design Thinking can do for the Jordan Tourism Sector.

July 2016

Open Food Lab Exhibition at OBA Amsterdam
Point of view on a balanced, transparent, sustainable global food system. With Space & Matter and VGA.

April – July 2016

THNK Program for Creative Leadership
Nina Vöge is Participant at the 6 month program that helps leaders to further develop their creative leadership skills and master the process of breakthrough innovation.

March 2016

Mind the Gap wishes you a ‘Happy New Year’!
At this point we usually offer one another the best wishes for the coming year. This year we decided to take this tradition one step further and actively contribute to your 2016 success. With the ‘new year resolution challenge‘ we designed a tool for you to put your resolutions to action.

January 2016
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Pop-up Studio Düsseldorf: Maps
Huge is opening temporary offices in five European cities throughout 2015. Nina Vöge participated the Düsseldorf pop-up Studio as digital expert.

October 2015
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Huge Pop up Studios

Food Design Event: Colorburgers Angola
Colorburgers invites you to experience the flavours of Angola, and to connect with new people in a fun and tasty way.

July 2014

Typojanchi Exhibition, Seoul
Filmedition Suhrkamp has been selected and presented at Typojanchi – Seoul International Typography Biennale.

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Workshop at European Commission
Nina Vöge was invited as facilitator at a Workshop for Collaborative Government Services at the European Commission in Brussels.

January 2013

Apps for Democratie – Hackathon at the Tweede Kamer in Den Haag
Game concept where citizens can bet on the trustworthiness of politicians. With Alexander Zeh and Dirk van Oosterbosch.

September 2012
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